Glenfinnan station and under viaduct. Varied 1 to. 4 trains per day to and from Mallaig, Fort William and London. 0.7 miles to viaduct. Accommodation, No shops.

Road along river on left bank to Corryhully bothy and Glenfinnan Lodge. 3 miles. Estate managed bothy, electricity, water from steam, fallen wood, donation.

Path to Strathan ruined barracks along Gleann a Chaorainn, left bank. 471 metres. 15 miles. Right at bridge. Second bridge to Strathan. First day 18 miles/ total 18 miles. Strathan Old School House bothy

Path to Glenn Dessary, Upper Glen Dessary, Finiskaig, Sourlies and Carnoch. Second day. 20 miles. Total 48 miles. Achuil bothy, stream, wood. Sourlies bothy, Glen Dessary accommodation. Pricing ambivalent 

Follow path up to waterfalls and bridge, left hand bank of river. Pathless to turn left at Mam Undalain. 

 Ambraigh for Barrisdale, Third day. 20 miles.  Total 68 miles

Along shore of Hourn for Kinlochhourn. Day 4. 15 miles. Total 83 miles. Ferry Barrisdale to KinlochHourn. Peter Fletcher, Arnisdale, 01599 235007

Target 20 miles per day: a lot! Looking at the map this project is scary, high mountains and remote, as is often said. I’ve a lot to do to get fit and survive stoma reversal. Maybe Hourn is enough for first attempt. Distances are thumb estimates, revised when Harvey map and Romer arrive. Exciting though and reinforces my determination.

Got myself to Kinlochourn, including £60 ferry for last hour. Well worth it, there’s. no point in heroics. Range firing 8 to 20 May.