26 October 2021

I’ve plotted waypoints to Kinlochhourn, Next, I will check distances against Harvey using their map and Romer when it arrives, then add facilities and pictures, currently estimated at 80 miles for this stage, over a third of the total, so a good start. I’m not sure how much time to allow. I want hot showers and cooked meals, three a day including packed lunch, comfort and enjoyment as relaxed as possible given the nature of the project, including a ferry ride to Kinlochourn for £60, short days perhaps 10 miles to make total 20 days. I estimate costs at £100 a day, £2,000, and about £4,000 to pay Mad and Anne. That means closing an income producing deal, starting with Cancer Grand Challenge. I must find my old computer to get Commando pictures. Lady Grant of Glen Deessary wasn’t suited by my request for lodgings. Pity.

Preparing this makes me realise that I love writing and resent interruption, much as I love my friends and family. This is a prelude to the CWT. I treasure the whole experience now I’ve launched it after years of frustration. I’ve a huge residue of unresolved conflicts, conflict between my children, my parents now twenty years dead and still an issue, disastrous marriages, my varied professional life, ambitions to publish writing and play music, recover financially from a profligate life, get back on the mountains, distance biking and projects, including 140 and Three Huts. Watching the Bugatti 1100P film has inspired me to attempt fabrication.

The depth introspection starts here. Writing a journal has been keeping track of my inner life for decades. It still works and I rise from my chair clarified, to check the bake at home bread for my lunch, the fridge crammed after a £50 shop at Tesco home delivered. I’ll be glad to get back to Aldi; half the price.

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